Karmacharya Group

Mahendrapul, Pokhara, Nepal

About Us

Our Story

With 45 years at the forefront of industry in Nepal, Karmacharya Group is today broadly diversified into several growth industries that cover manufacturing Cooking Oil, Rice, Dairy, Biscuit, Confectionery and Plastic. Consistently the group of companies have emerged. Its annual turnover is approximately 500 crores.



We provide outstanding service through teamwork, experience, accountability and innovation – all of which is reflected in the quality of our results.


We clearly identify our clients’ goals and visualize innovative solutions, using careful planning and proactive communication to achieve unparalleled results.

Operational Excellence

We provide the best value to our customers by continuously refining our processes and cost structure.


We cultivate an environment that supports and encourages ongoing learning, development and personal growth.

Our Companies

Our companies are diversified into different product categories and are delivered over the whole Nepal

Gandaki Oil Mill Pvt Ltd

Gandaki Oil was established in 1967 and is one of the oldest edible vegetable oil manufacturing companies in Nepal. It is one of the largest selling oil companies in Nepal and the highest seller within wester region of Nepal. It has various brands like "Koselee , Sweekar , Barsha , and Sadhana under its portfolio"

Karmacharya Bakes & Food Pvt. Ltd

Karmacharya Bakes & Food Pvt.Ltd was established in 1995 with an objective of producing quality biscuits to the consumers of Nepal having a low per capita income. Its brands are Karmacharya Digestive , Champ chocolate cream.

Karmacharya Food Grains Pvt. Ltd

Karmacharya Food Grains Co. Pvt Ltd was established in 1992 and is operating in manufacturing various rice commodities. The major business of the company is to produce Basmati rice , Mansuli rice and Jethobudhho rice.

Country Food Pvt. Ltd

Country foods pvt ltd is the dairy division , which has been developing Pasteurized liquid milk, Paneer, Yogurt, Butter, Dairy fat , Ice-cream, and various other milk products.It has been located strategically which add significant value to the dairy industry as well as helping farmers

Karmacharya International Pvt. Ltd

We are the importer of SMP-skimmed milk powder , Bulk oil , Oilseeds , Sugar , Tea and industrial raw materials from various part of the world.

Karmacharya Brothers

Karmacharya Brothers are exclusive distributor of Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd for Gandaki region. It distributes cigarettes , Garments , Matches , Agarbatti and FMCG products

Country Confectionary Pvt. Ltd

We are the manufacturer of chocolate enrobed wafers and hard boiled candees. Our popular brands are Packer , Champ , Choco Delight , lacto TOSS , Coffee TOSS , Lychee and Orange.

Gandaki Plastic Products

Gandaki Plastic Products are the manufacturer of LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE plastic materials. Our product includes pet bottles , shopping bags and plastic sheets for agriculture.

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