Karmacharya Group

Mahendrapul, Pokhara, Nepal

Brand Story: Nova Milk, the ‘symbol’ of purity and freshness

According to the demand of the common people, different new brands are entering in Nepal. Karmacharya has been able to produce various goods including food grains in Nepal for nearly a decade.

The products of Karmacharya Group have been making a good impression in the market lately. Karmacharya Digestive Biscuit is popular in the market. Similarly, the market for Kosheli Health Oil is also good. Not only that, in recent times, dairy products including Nova milk and chocolate products are also getting good market. Even , Nova Milk, which started from Pokhara, has been expanding its production and market from Kathmandu for the last seven years. Nova, which is considered as a symbol of purity and freshness, aims to produce milk products from Chitwan, Janakpur and other places in the near future.

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“We do not compromise on product quality. You can use our product only once and then you will know for yourself,” said Nikesh Shrestha, Brand Manager, Karmacharya Group.