Karmacharya Group

Mahendrapul, Pokhara, Nepal

Brand Story: We do not compromise on quality.

The products of Karmacharya Group have been successful in making good impression in the market lately. Among our products , Karmacharya Digestive Biscuit is very popular product. Bikram Karmacharya, director of Karmacharya Group, said that the reason of our success is we have never compromise on quality. Digestive Biscuits, which has spread its products all over Nepal, aims to serve international consumers soon.Along with the success of the staff biscuits in Nepal today, we are trying to bring our biscuits to the international arena in the coming days. “We are ready to compete with the international market” said the director staff.

Many products have increased in the Nepali market now. New industries are bringing various items to the market on a daily basis. According to Bikram, Karmacharya Biscuit is ready to face the added challenge even at such a time.

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