We are the group of companies divesified into several growth industries that cover manufacturing cooking oil , rice , dairy , biscuit ,confectionery and plastic.

Our Companies

Country Food Pvt. Ltd & Fish Diary Pvt. Ltd 

Country Food develops pasturized  liquid milk , panner , yogurt , butter , dairy fat, ice cream and various milk products.

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Gandaki Oil Mill Pvt. Ltd

Gandaki Oil was established in 1967 and is one of the oldest edible vegetable oil manufacturing companies in Nepal. It is the largest selling oil companies in Nepal

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Karmacharya Bakes & Food Pvt. Ltd

Karmacharya Bakes produces quality biscuits all over Nepal. Biscuits like digestive , Cracker , Cream and Milk Biscuit is popular all over Nepal

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Country Confectionery Pvt. Ltd

Country Confectionery manufactures chocolates enrobed wafers and hard boiled candies.

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Karmacharya Food Grains Co. Pvt. Ltd 

Karmacharya Food Grains manufactures various rice commodities like Basmati , Mansuli and Jethobuddho rice.

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Gandaki Plastic Products Pvt. Ltd

It manufactures  LDPE , HDPE & LLDPE plastic materials. Product like pet bottles, HDPE jars , shooping bags & plastic sheets

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Karmacharya International Pvt.Ltd

It imports SMP- skimmed milk powder , Oilseeds , Sugar , Tea and industrial raw materials

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Karmacharya Holding Pvt. Ltd

It’s main objective is acquiring equities and securities either in the form of strategic interest or fully financial interest.

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